Kibana plugin standalone build

Hi there,

I'm still fresh with Kibana plugin development, so currently I'm doing building by using this (Getting started | Kibana Guide [7.10] | Elastic) guide:

  • Clone Kibana repo
  • Set my plugin inside kibana's plugin folder
  • Run yarn kbn bootstrap
  • Run yarn build

Is there a way to do a bootstrap and run build without fetching whole kibana repo?


You can't do a bootstrap/build without fetching the repo, but you could download a built version of both ES and Kibana, then put your plugin inside the plugins/ folder of the Kibana folder. However, you'll have to restart Kibana every time you make a change to your plugin, unlike if you are running from src, which will automatically take care of this bundling for you. Hope that helps.

Hi @lukas,

The idea is to make automation CI-CD of just fetching plugin code and building a plugin using Jenkins, I do not want to run it, just to build and archive the plugin ZIP file on Jenkins artifacts. I want to use (as much possible) minimal storage, network and time execution on the Jenkins agent machine because of resource restrictions I have.

Since my plugin is only about 5 MB in size, it will be resource and time consuming for agent to download whole kibana repo for simple build that takes around 20 sec to build, because agents are configured in a way to clear their workspace upon job finish.

That's why I thought that there is some standalone Kibana tool(s) that I could download just to build plugin.

If downloading the built version of Kibana is only option, it's better fetching around 200-300MB instead of couple of GB of source code.

Do I really need built ES just for building a ZIP version of plugin?

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