Kibana port 5601 connection refused

hi, i install ELK stack and metricbeat with following this tutorial

my OS is ubuntu.16.0.4

with lil bit configuration, elasticsearch is running .
i need to change :
in elasticsearch.yml

now, im facing the same problem with kibana.
i try to add


the other configuration that i made :

elasticsearch.url: "http://localhost:9200"

i still got this message :

curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 5601: Connection refused

what should i do?
pls help me.

thank you.


Why do you want to run kibana/es on ?

if you run kibana and es on the same machine, es should probably just listen to

What i would suggest is to first try to access kibana from the same machine its running on. That way you at least know its running ok, and that the only issue is with accessing it from outside.

what does netstat -natp | grep 5601 give you ?
can you connect to kibana from machine its running on ?
if not .... check logs, there should be some information on why its failing to start.

okay i found a way to fix this issue.
due to my kibana installation, there is no log folder.
in ubuntu, the location should be on /var/log/kibana

then i create it mannually, i give chmod 777.
and then inside the folder, i also create two files.
kibana.stdout and kibana.stderr

i also change the user, from root to kibana.

and it work perfectly well.

thank you


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