Kibana query with widcard index pattern is giving timeout

I have daily indices in elastic search(alerts-2019.10.22). For Kibana I have configured to use an wildcard index pattern(alerts-*) to search over all the indices. When the data grows over 3 months(>90 indices), Kibana querying is failing with a default timeout of 30secs. I have 7 visualizations in my dashboard. What is the best way to handle this?

Hey @srikarnaramsetty. First, we'll need to figure out the specific query which is timing out, to look into why it's taking so long to execute.

At the top of your screen, you should see an "Inspect" button. Click this, and a sidebar to the right will be displayed. At the top, change the drop-down to "Requests" and then select the "Request" tab. This will allow you to see the actual query which is being executed against Elasticsearch and copy it:

You can then use the Profile API via Kibana DevTools to further investigate why your query is timing out.

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