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Is there a way to get a value from quick select (time range picker) in Kibana Lens , to be able to use this value into additional KQL filtering.
My data is having two time fields. A user should be able to select/slice data based on timerange of a first field. Now I need to build time histogram based on the second time field.

So what I am thinking to do is to let user select timerange using quick select to slice data based on the first field. Once it is done IF I can extract the quick select value like ( now-7d) I could implement aflter that would only keep records that are within the corresponding timerange ( now-7d) based on the second timefield.

An easy example would be: I need to show quantity of sold product per day that been produced within now-7d.

Hi @not_correct!

It could be more convenient to add a time slider control to your dashboard Filter dashboard data with controls | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

Also a panel can have a custom time range if necessary which can be configured via "Edit panel details" menu item.

"Inspect" menu item allows to view what exact time range was used in a request made by that dashboard panel.

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Hi @jughosta,
Thank you so much for your reply. I am wondering if a value set by timeslider control can be extracted to be used with KQL?

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