Kibana .raw in 5.0.0 alpha3

In my mappings i used .raw fields
creating the mapping is ok but it does not work in kibana but it seems it has been replaced by .keyword
is it true, i mean is it the right name to use to define "not analyzed" field ?

What is your json file for the mapping?
Here is an example which works for me:

"url": { "type": "string", "index": "not_analyzed"}

not exactly, for compatibility reason i use an old mapping file

"device": {
"type" : "string",
"fields": {
"raw" : {
"type": "string",
"index": "not_analyzed"

i couldn t find .raw fields i saw instead in kibana .keyword field
strange ?
i did replace all .raw text by .keyword text in my mapping file and it works that way

For version alpha5 here is now what i use (it works great), even with java API

"name" : { "type" : "text", "index": "analyzed", "fields": { "keyword": { "type": "keyword" }}}