Kibana report export CSV file wrong date format

Kibana/ES version 7.4.1

After a search in Kibana, the results are showed in the right format in Kibana, but after those results are exported as CSV file, they are showed all in the file as 1970-*

This is a similar issue as reported on CSV Report Export Times Incorrect ( but no solution/fix applied or at least explained. )

Same search exported as CSV file report:

It doesn't preserve the same date/time format on exported files.

Could you add a RAW sample data record as JSON here, The screens you've posted are a bit distorted, and it would be interesting how your timestamps are stored in ES
Thanks a lot & best,

The report Json shows it in seconds:

"report_date": 1550495175

But the Kibana UI at the time to export it use a different convertion assuming milliseconds instead of seconds and shows as 1970-*, as the following example on conversion assupmtions:

new Date(1550495175).toString()

"Sun Jan 18 1970 16:41:35 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)"

It looks like an issue more on the Kibana interface doing the assupmtions when it is in seconds/milliseconds with the stored value of the date.

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