Kibana Export to CSV Date Period Problem

I have noticed the following anomaly (defect?) in Kibana's export Query Results to CSV behavior: Export to CSV does not correspond to selection criteria and returned results by the query. For example search for the last 15 min records brings the information on the screen, however an attempt to export the results to CSV ends up with export being totally for the different period. As a regular Kibana user I would expect export results to CSV would be simply exporting the same results returned by saved Kibana query as users see on the screen running that query. Has this been confirmed to be an anomaly, defect or export to CSV required additional "tuning" users do not see straight away?

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Could you provide an expample what is displayed on screen via screenshot and what's part of your exported CSV?

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Unfortunately I cann not provide the results due to data being sensitive, however I have found the answer to my question and want to share it with others on this forum:

Kibana displays TimeStamp being local time but Export to CSV exports UTS time instead of displayed local one. That is quite misleading it should be the same either in Kibana output on screen and in CSV extract as it is hard to compare constantly keeping in mind time zone difference. In my solution I am applying SQL Server function that converts time to what I need and takes into accout DayLight savings etc, but I am SQL Developer, others may be not, so thay have to deal with this anomaly

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Thx for sharing, this is a known issue and should be resolved in the future:

I have another question to ELK community - is there any way to automate extracts from Kibana to CSV files on regular basis? The reason is pretty trivial. I need regular (say daily) extracts from Kibana to CSV so I can pick them up by my scheduled ETL tool and push data into SQL database (SQL Server)

You can do this with automatic report generation in the way it is described here:


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