Kibana changes timezone from UTC to CST when exporting to CSV

One of our analysts noticed that when you generate a report in Kibana (v. 6.5.4, the resulting CSV changes all timestamps to EST time rather than using the time zone configured in dateFormat:tz (currently set to UTC). I was able to reproduce this problem by creating a saved search and exporting it as a CSV. The saved report timestamps are correct and match the timestamps in the raw message, while the timestamps in the generated CSV are off by 6 hours.

Any ideas about what might be causing this?

The @timestamp field is by definition UTC but Kibana is supposed to adjust it to the browser's time zone.

Am checking this behavior on latest 6.6.0 and will keep you posted.


As it turns out, Kibana is using the OS timezone when you generate a report rather than using the timezone in advance settings. Elastic support was able to reproduce this issue and has created a bug for it.

As a work around, I set my servers timezone to UTC and rebooted Kibana.

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