Kibana Reporting: Max attempts reached (3)

Hi Guys,

I have recently installed Elastic , Kibana and XPack (All Version 5.4). I have created a simple line graph in visualization. Now when i try to create a Pdf report out of it, i am getting "Max attempts reached (3)" error.

I have tried following property changes in my kibana.yml and still have same error.

kibana.yml 10.172.XXX.XXX
xpack.reporting.enabled : true
xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.hostname : 10.172.XXX.XXX
xpack.reporting.queue.timeout : 6000

I am using Windows machine & Chrome browser.

Please help me resolve the issue.



Can you please post some logs?


Hi thiago,

I dont see any specific error in my kibana logs.

Few more info about my environment.

I am using trial version of X Pack and i have setup the ELK stack behind a corporate proxy.

Please find the screenshot from Kibana below.

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