Kibana requires a restart daily


I'm pretty new to Kibana+elasticsearch setup and I've been facing an issue with my current pipeline.
I have kibana + 2 data-nodes(Master+slave) ver 6.5.1.

Now my problem is that once, everyday the Kibana->ES connection breaks I receive a timeout as soon as I go to the discover section. Also when I try to run queries from the Dev-Tools section I always see "500 Internal server error" for every query.

As soon as I restart the Kibana service on its machine the connection gets re-established and it all starts working normally.

Any advice/inputs would be appreciated.


Hi @Aalok_Sharma,

First of all I'd say you're using quite old version of the stack (current is 7.4 and 7.5 is coming soon), lots of the stuff has been improved since then and there is a chance that this issue will go away if you upgrade. But if you can't do that we need more debugging info from you:

  • what is the size of your data
  • you need to enable Kibana debug logging: logging.verbose: true and logging.quiet: false and check if you see anything suspicious there when 500 is returned
  • have you tried limiting the size of the date you're requesting? Did it help?
  • does everything work fine you query Elasticsearch directly without Kibana?


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