Breakdown Issue with Kibana


I have installed elasticsearch and kibana ( version 5.0.1 for both) on the same server.

Rather than using the default values for, elasticsearch.url and, I am using the DNS entry for the server.

Kibana and Elasticsearch work fine for a number of hours, albeit they are a little slow, until suddenly it stops working. I get the error that the request timeouts after 3000ms when I run a search in Discover.

Then Kibana stops me from carrying out any searches or visualisations and I get the following error page.

If that image doesn't work - the main errors are :

  • Status: Red
  • UI settings : Elasticsearch plugin red
  • plugin:elasticsearch@5.0.1 : Request timeout after 3000ms.

If anybody know why this error suddenly appears, I'd be very grateful to hear.
At the moment I just uninstall elasticsearch and then reinstall it and it works, but this is not a practical solution.


Anne Marie

Do the elasticsearch logs say anything? Does ES respond to requests sent via curl to the same domain name that Kibana is pointed at? What about by IP?

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