Kibana role to display apm UI

Dear Support team,

In ELK 7.1 of free core security things, I have created a user assigned roles of apm_user and kibana_dashboard_only_user. My requirement is for a user He should view Dashboards as well as APM UI. But the above roles open only Dashboards. On the left menu bar only shows dashboards and history.

So, what roles we need to assign for a user to get only APM UI view.

This isn't possible today, but it will be in 7.2 with Feature Controls. You can read up on the new Feature Controls in the docs already

A general blog post about feature controls will be coming out soon as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks Bargs for the information. Looking forward for 7.2 release.
By the way any proposed release date for 7.2 release, so that we will plan.

Sorry, no public release date I can mention at the moment, but our minor releases generally follow a steady cadence.

Thanks @Bargs

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