Kibana SAML iframe request canceled and redirect to the kibana page

I have an issue with a Kibana(v6.8) SAML integration with Oracle OAM stack.
Kibana dashboards and visualizations are used as an iframe in another application.
Now when I login also via SAML in that application I should remain on the page of that application. The issue is that the iframe is not losing, but i am redirected to the default page of kibana.
In Debug mode i see the first saml canceled by the browser as in the attached picture. After we see the secondary saml post which has the location cookie to the kibana default page and that is why i understand the redirect.
Now, can you give me any hint why the initial request saml is canceled?

Thank you very much for help,

Hey @vapetri,

If I understand your problem correctly, it sounds like you're hitting a known limitation of the 6.8 release, where Kibana would "forget" the requested URL in the middle of the SAML handshake: SAML redirect and Kibana's hash based routing · Issue #18392 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

We resolved this in the 7.5 release via

Hi Larry,
Indeed. i will try to update the environment to 7.X and let you know.
Thank you,

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