Kibana sees only one logstash node

I see only one logstash node in kibana (it changes one time the first node and then the second ), I already deleted the uuid file and restarted the node but unfortunately it didn't create the new one .

Version 6.3.0

Please assist .

Your Logstash deployments contain a data/ folder and in that folder is a uuid file. Can you verify that both of these files contain different values?

no the values were identical , but changing one of them didn't provide a solution instead I followed this steps and solved the issue :

 $ sudo -i
# uuidgen > /var/lib/logstash/uuid
# tr -d "\n\r" < /var/lib/logstash/uuid > tempo ; mv tempo /var/lib/logstash/uuid
# service logstash restart

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Deleting the uuid file and restarting Logstash should also create a new uuid file. Do you now see multiple Logstash instances?

yes , thank you .

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