Kibana server is not ready yet. Curl returns elasticsearch information


I just installed Elasticsearch (3) and Kibana (1) instances. 4 machines in total. I am able to curl all 3 Elasticsearch machines from Kibana and I can see information about them in the CLI, so I am assuming that Kibana is able to see them as well.
In the kibana.yml i have pointed all 3 Elasticsearch machines:
elasticsearch.hosts: ["", "", ""]
While trying to access Kibana via browser or curl from Elasticsearch machines i got an information: Kibana server is not ready yet.
I have opened both 9200 and 5601 ports on all my machines.

Here's the rest of my kibana.yml config settings (the rest is standard): "" "test"
logging.dest: /var/log/kibana/kibana.log
logging.verbose: true

Here's the log, I would appreciate the help as I run out of ideas.
log on

Hi, what are you seeing in the Kibana logs after starting?

Does Kibana become responsive after waiting for startup processes to initialize?

Hi Tim,

The full log has been uploaded here, since it's quite a big one.
As for the journal log, all i can see is the entry that 'Kibana has started'.
I'm unable to view Kibana via browser, so it's hard to say, but the new log entries appear (those related to plugins) so i guess the background process keeps running.

Thanks for the detailed log - that really helps.

It looks like the sample covers about 30 seconds of time. It is expected that startup will take some time. I'm not sure, but I think it's waiting on Elasticsearch to be able to do a self-check. And based on other logs, it looks like Elasticsearch is returning "Service Unavailable" for querying for now.

I see some issues in the Kibana Github repo that indicate that Kibana is running some Migrations code at this time:

There is no mention of migrations anywhere in your verbose logs, but some of the troubleshooting advice in those issues might help.

Does the status change after waiting longer than 30 seconds, or once Kibana gets a connection to Elasticsearch?

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your help. It appeared to be an issue with networking. Seems like my Elasticsearch cluster had an issue electing master. This was due to port 9300 being blocked by firewall. Initially I unblocked 5601 and 9200 on all machines, but seems like 9300 is also required for inner cluster communication. Had to unblock which allowed my cluster to start properly, making Kibana ready.

Apologies, this seems to be a bug in Kibana. It should be able to get to a more responsive state at start-time, even if Elasticsearch is not available. I suspect this will be fixed very soon

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