Kibana shows double with slightly changed value

How do I get Kibana Discover to display a double (number) as a double? I have a document indexed with the double value 2555417833004 for a particular field.

But when Kibana Discover shows the same document, it displays that value as 2,555,417,720,000. The first 7 digits are correct, but the rest are not.

Is there are particular setting to fix this?

Hi @paolovalladolid ,

this seems to be an issue related to 64bit precision representation: 64 bit number/integer support in Kibana · Issue #40183 · elastic/kibana · GitHub


Hi @Marco_Liberati , this makes sense.

I did some more testing, and was able to verify, using Postman instead of Kibana to query our Elasticsearch cluster, that the double values are not rounded off in the data, only on the presentation layer (Kibana).

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