Kibana status yellow and taskmanager is unhealth

Hi all
I have 1 kibana instance running for a elastic cluster.
For sometime i have notice that my kibana always from green to yellow in the monitor tab so when i check the status of kibana it said that the taskManager is unhealthy
when i run the api the get the health from kibana i get this

"capacity_estimation": {
            "status": "error",
            "timestamp": "2022-12-13T01:06:22.988Z",
            "value": {
                "observed": {
                    "observed_kibana_instances": 1,
                    "max_throughput_per_minute_per_kibana": 67,
                    "max_throughput_per_minute": 67,
                    "minutes_to_drain_overdue": 4,
                    "avg_recurring_required_throughput_per_minute": 86,
                    "avg_recurring_required_throughput_per_minute_per_kibana": 86,
                    "avg_required_throughput_per_minute": 86,
                    "avg_required_throughput_per_minute_per_kibana": 86
                "proposed": {
                    "provisioned_kibana": 3,
                    "min_required_kibana": 2,
                    "avg_recurring_required_throughput_per_minute_per_kibana": 29,
                    "avg_required_throughput_per_minute_per_kibana": 29

What does this mean? and how can i make my kibana instance green again?
Thanks for your time.

Hello @lusynda,

Instead of checking the status of Kibana, first try to check the status of the task manager. It will help you more to understand the reason on why and where task manager is unhealthy.

To start off with, you can try and check the reason for task manager unhealthy with this:

curl -X GET api/task_manager/_health

You can check the health status of task manager and even log them as per your wish using the documentations below:

Health Monitoring


This is the output of the api

That your said.

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