Kibana sum aggregation not showing the correct values when I use divide in Json Input


I am trying to sum all the values in a column and divide them by 3600.

I used Sum Aggregation in order to sum the values in column(totaluptime)

then in the Advanced section,

I replaced this query,

  "script": {
    "inline": "doc['totaluptime'].value/3600",
    "lang": "painless" 

the values are not expected. I am not getting the correct values.

Please correct me. Thanks in advance.

real example:
Sum of the column = 2,032,408.
after replacing the above query I get is 136. Which is not correct.

The result I should get is 2,032,408/3600 = 564.3

Hi @im.manoj,
could you send me the version of Kibana and visualization config screenshot you're using? I mean this panel:

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