Kibana table

Can I merge these two tables as one and calculate the ratio with Kibana?
What I have now:
The left table and the right table have similar columns like ad title, ad provider, ad institution, but they are different in the last columns, one is ad impression and another is ad click.
However, ad impressions are calculated from index A and ad clicks are calculated from index B.
How can I put ad impression and ad click into one table and then calculate click/impression rate?

What I want to make:

I believe it is possible to do this with the data table in the Visual Builder. You would create two sum aggregations (for Pageview and Clicks) and then create a bucket script aggregation that will divide those two and create the Click/Impression Rate.

Thanks a lot.
When using the Visual Builder Table, I just have no idea on

  1. how to add 1 more group by fields like ad provider and ad institution.
  2. pull data from two different indices, like count of impressions from index ad_impression* and count of clicks from index ad_clicks.

I recommend attending this webinar. It will go over the Visual Builder. If you can't attend the session, sign up anyways to get the link to the recorded video.

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