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I want to create a table that has severity levels of high medium and low and I want the words High medium and low to be in different colors. Is that possible in Kibana?

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I think you have two options for this use case:

  • You can configure a formatter for the severity field in the DataViews/Index pattern management panel and use the Color formatter. Once configured the color will apply for all visualizations using this field.

  • If you can create a runtime field that maps each string to a number, you could use Lens datatable dynamic coloring to configure a custom palette based on numeric values. You won't have the actual text value in the cell rather than numeric one, but color already encodes the severity meaning. The advantage of this approach is that other visualizations won't be affected by the coloring.

We're working in Lens to make color by term easier in the future, but it's still in development: [Lens] Support categorical coloring by name · Issue #101942 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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