Kibana throwing 500 Internal Server Error

This morning I am seeing that Kibana URL is throwing 500 Internal Server Error:
Mine is a single instance of Elastic Search and Kibana.
I've restarted both the services but it is still not helping.
Could someone recommend what other places I should check for more information which could help with diagnosing and fixing this issue.
{"statusCode":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"An internal server error occurred"}

The versions are as follows:
Elastic Search: 5.2.0
Kibana: 4.6.1
Would these be compatible and could this be the reason for error response from Kibana?

Hi Prateek, your diagnosis is correct. Beginning with version 5.0, we've moved to an "Elastic Stack" model, in which all products need to share the same version number. So you'll need to use Kibana 5.2.0 to connect to Elasticsearch 5.2.0.

Pleas see this version compatibility chart for more information on how the Kibana and Elasticsearch version numbers interact.


Thank you CJ for the response.

I'm discussing with my team internally to see what they think about it and when can we do the upgrade.

Could you suggest me some other places to look at to see for errors / logs which can support this?

The Kibana server logs should provide more information on the version conflicts.


Hi CJ,

Could you advise where I can find the logs on the Linux server, could you point me to some documentation?
A single Linux server is hosting Elastic Search and Kibana, in my case.

By default, Kibana logs to stdout. You can take a look at the configuration settings to see how you can change this to log to a file.


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