Kibana Throwing 502 Error

(Akash John) #1

Hi Team,

We are using Kibana 5.6.0 and ES 5.6.0. Kibana is hosted behind a loadbalancer.

The data which we are used to index is cloudtrail data for 19 AWS accounts. As of now a single index is having nearly 75GiB data. when I am trying to search using discover it throwing an error 502

Error: 502 Response

Could you please let us know how can we fix this issues?

(Joe Fleming) #2

I'm going to guess this is the same problem reported here: Error: 502 Response

Same as on that issue, check the logs from Elasticsearch.

(Akash John) #3

Sorry my mistake, it is the same case. Please ignore this post and we can follow up with the first one.

(system) #4

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