Kibana Tile Map error

While creating visualization in Kibana, the preview panel shows multiple tiles with text +

MapQuest Developer
As of July 11 2016, direct tile access has been discontinued.

What is the action in Kibnana ?

<img src="//" width="625" height="500"


See Map visualizations have stopped working due to MapQuest change July 11, 2016

I am trying to get MapQuest map in kibana ,i have consumer key and i am putting it in kibana.yml file along with its url, but somehow it is not working. can we have any other way to display MapQuest map in kibana?

I am getting the same error. Since I am working in AWS elastics search Kibana ,I am not sure how to change the setting to see the map working .Could someone help me ?

I don't this AWS gives you that possibility.

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You need to upgrade your service, and use