Kibana Timelion to Represent API Response Times

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I am trying to represent my API response times using Timelion. When we are sending data feed to Elasticsearcb we add responsetime to the message.
Message looks something like below.

      "_index": "logstash-2018.02.24",
      "_type": "logs",
      "_id": "2QYmxmEBBueTkVAkrl2z",
      "_version": 1,
      "_score": null,
      "_source": {
        "APINAME": "CARDS CREATE\r\n\r",
        "responseTime": 400,
        "logmessage": "className:200 - This is debug message payload-Response Time:400",
        "message": "14-07-02 20:52:39 [12345] [DEBUG] className:200 - This is debug message payload-Response Time:400 API Name-CARDS CREATE\r\n\r",
        "uuid": "12345",
        "tags": [
        "head": "className:200 - This is debug message payload-Response Time",
        "path": "C:\\logstash-5.6.7\\bin\\test.log",
        "Loglevel": "DEBUG",
        "@timestamp": "2018-02-24T04:51:18.056Z",
        "payload": "14-07-02 20:52:39",
        "@version": "1",
        "host": "ManuS"
      "fields": {
        "@timestamp": [
      "sort": [

Could you please let me know, how can I represent my response times for each and every api hit.

This is something I am doing.


This is kind of gives only AVERAGE response times only I think.

(Marius Dragomir) #2

You can only see an aggregation of the data, this is how ES works. My coworker CJ went into depth explaining it here: Timelion Time-Series data based on field value and he also linked to reading materials that can help you make you decision on what aggregation to use.

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