Kibana Timezone Discrepancy


I am currently sending in data to Elastic/Kibana via NiFi, which is sending in JSON files. The timestamp that it is sending in is CST, which when looking at the JSON view, it shows the correct value, but when looking at the table view/ filtering, issues occur.

When having the default:tz set to Browser or America/Chicago, it subtracts six hours from the timestamp thinking it is coming in as UTC.

So, I then set default:tz to UTC, and boom, the table view is now showing the same value as the JSON view. BUT now when searching relative time (ex. Last 15 minutes) it thinks the current time is UTC, so it does not display the correct information.

Please advise on how to avoid it from changing the timestamp it is receiving and being able to filter on it.

Thank you,

Jake Laws

I believe you will need to set up your ingestion process to tell elasticsearch what timezone the data is coming in as, otherwise it assumes UTC.

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