Kibana training

I am doing the kibana training and I am working on chapter 4.2.
Data Analysis with Kibana (On-Demand)


I see since jan. 8/9 no data is coming in for the apachelogs indices. Could you check whats wrong here?

Hi @klokkie

What you're seeing is expected. :slight_smile:

In this course, we provide about 30 days of Apache log data. The dataset starts on a date about 30 days before you first access the course, and ends a couple of days after the start date of the course. So, if you started this course around January 8, this is exactly as you would expect.


ah ok but I didn't have time to finish my course in december due to several reasons so the course was re-enabled for me at the beginning of this year. Is it possible to get a new set of data?

You should be able to work with the data, even if it is a bit older, without problems. However, if you really want we can completely replace your virtual machine with a new one. This will give you a fresh dataset. But please be aware that this will also cause you to lose all your existing visualizations and dashboards.

If you would like to do it nonetheless, please send me a private message with the email address with which you are registered, and I will replace your VM.

I recommend that in the timepicker, instead of using the last 30 days, you use the last 60 days.

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