8 - Anomaly Hunt

I am having trouble with the Data Analysis with Kibana 24hrs course on module 8.

I am asked to make an Index Pattern from the Elasticlogs data set, the question doesn't mention time, as it often does, I think it leaves this to your own initiative. Anyway, I continue, with and without @timestamp I am unable to make visualizations. I even have my own offline stack with the data from the Japanese reference pack that contains the elasticlog.json data and map data (because It's not there obversely, need to hunt for it), where I have to override withe instructions from the module, again this fails to work.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to help study this module?

The course has been OK until now, being let down right at the end here, something doesn't seem right.

Uploading the data to the Strigo kinda works, but i dnt have ingest admin right to continue the upload.

I think i found out where i was going wring, I used strigo. the data goes back quite far, 2021. the options in the time filter dont go back far enough. I entered 20 years to go back further than a year.

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