Kibana UI Change

Is there a way to remove the option toggle dialog with the details option in Kibana UI. Need to rollback to older layout.

Hi @Ajay_Kotnala,

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On Advanced Settings page there is doc_table:legacy toggle which allows to switch to the older table layout and back.

Could you please provide us feedback why would you like to rollback to the older layout?

Hi @jughosta Thank you. It worked.

The only reason we wanted it back is because the data in the Text column data is limited and in this new view every log has to be toggled to view which is very time-consuming when we have a bulk of logs to go through. It's not feasible to toggle each row every time. In the legacy view, we get a better view of log data.

Thanks! I see why it could be an issue.

Good news: in the latest Kibana versions it's possible to configure row height for the data grid items:

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