Revert from new Kibana v7.13 JSON format


After upgrading to Kibana v7.13 the JSON format in the Discover tab in Kibana was altered and now has no hierarchy in it.

I was wondering if there is any way to revert this change to get a formatted JSON when searching documents in Discover.

Is there any option in the Kibana settings that I missed?

@Roy_Levy Discover is undergoing a lot of changes, the biggest one of note is a change from using the "legacy" table to a new data grid view.
You can change back to the legacy table view by setting doc_table:legacy:true in Advanced Settings.

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@cheiligers The change I was referring to is in the legacy table (not refering to the new table style) - if you open a document's expended view you can view as table/json if you choose json it used to be in an heirarchial format and now its not.

@Roy_LevyTry enabling Read fields from _source (discover:searchFieldsFromSource: true) from Advanced Settings. With that enabled, I could generate the following view using Kibana's logs sample data set:

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@cheiligers Thanks alot! It will really help my searches.

Just another question it says the feature will be deprecated soon - Is there any way you know when? Or will it be possible to view discover like this also with the new method?

Deprecated features will be removed from the next major version, which is 8.0. The last minor of the 7.x range will be maintained however, so there’s no need to worry! I’m not sure about being able to keep the view you prefer so feel free to open an issue in GitHub asking for that or, if there is already an issue for it, add your support to it! You should be able to filter for discover related issues using the labels in the kibana repo.

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