Kibana UI won't show anything!.. Help

Help, i don't know what happen. while ago i was doing some visualization while looking the dashboard in new tab and then the problem happening. kibana won't show anything, but i can still log in.

The status is green


Can you please navigate to discover and see what happens? Do you see any data? Can you do any searches?

Also can you please give the exact reproduction steps? What happens if you just have one tab open and try to edit an visualization?


hello, thanks for the response.

all menu beside apm, timelion and canvas not showing anything its blank. its same if i open new tab.


in timelion,apm and canvas showing different error. all shards failed


can you tell me what happening?.. Thanks

it's fixed, i don't know what cause it, but i try restart elasticsearch and it's back to normal.

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