Kibana upgrade performance issues

Remark: Issue solved

We are upgrading elasticsearch 1.3 to elasticsearch 5.4 and therefore are now using kibana 5 instead of kibana 3. We have daily indexes created from logstash agents. We are however seeing some performance differences between the old environment and the new.

The kibana 3 setup is showing the data quicker than kibana 5. The reason I guess is the fact that kibana 3 generates elastic queries that are index specific and kibana 5 is doing wildcard queries over all indexes.

I created the index pattern using the option 'Use event times to create index names' but kibana is still generating wildcard queries.

Is there anyway to configure kibana 5 to display the same index specific query behaviour as kibana 3?


Turns out the elastic queries where index specific. My actual problem was that my dashboard was slow because of search results with the default samplesize of 500 records. After limiting this to 50 my dasbhoard performance issue was solved.

Thanks for sharing your solution!

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