Kibana Visualisation Doubts-Conditional

Need to Find Availability of APIs-
I am new to Kibana . I am stuck with one visualisation. What I have to do is ,first find the failure rate of APIs( Count Http code[500 to 599] divided by /All the count of APIs) for particular TimeSlot (lets say 2 hours divided in slots per 30 minutes-so we have 4 time periods).
then if the above failure rate is greater or equal to 8% for any slot of 30 minutes, we need to mark that period as means availability (3/4=75%)( count of time slots failure rate less than 8% / Count of Total time slots )
Suppose out of 4 above slots ,in one slot failure rate more than 8%.Then the final result is availability -75% and unavailability-25%

Use TSVB to visualize time series and calculate values per time bucket.

Here is a good blog post to get you started

Thanks for your suggestion.but problem here is second step where I need to find the count of time slots,not able to do there a way to do that

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