Visualization for Date histogram for server code error rate. e.g., counts of 400s reponses vs total request count in Kibana

I have server status codes normalized to 200s, 400s, 500s.
{ "script": { "inline": "doc['status'].value >= 400 && doc['status'].value < 500? 400:doc['status'].value >= 500 && doc['status'].value < 600? 500:200", "lang": "painless" } }
I need to visualize in Kibana, error rate for 400 & 500, like

(count of 400s / total request count)*100

Right now I can visualize a bar chart (split chart) showing count of 200s, 400s, 500s every 5 mins. Please help in getting percent instead of count.

In which tool are you visualizing? Can you add screenshots of the setup, and your result?

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