Get percentages per hour of the number of error over the total amount of events


I'm using the ELK stack to analyze logs.

So logstash get the events from logs file and get differents fields with them ,then send them to elasticsearch.
(my lines look like that:
" %{TIMESTAMP} %{THREAD} %{TYPEofMESSAGE} %{message}"

Once I'm in Kibana I would like to get a graph (or bar chart) of the percentages of error per hour. I know how to get the number of error per hour and the number total of events per hour but I don't understand how to get the the division of these two.

I know that on Kibana this is possible to script with painless in "visual builder" but I don't know how to script the solution to my problem.

Thanks in advance for your time!

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