Kibana Visualising error

(Nick) #1

After a colleague installed a plugin(i don't currently know the name of it) kibana gives the error:
Saved Visualization Service: Visualization type of "metric" is invalid. Please change to a valid type.
whenever i try to create a new visualisation or dashboard.

Since i am new to the whole elk can someone give a lead to where to look for fixing this?

Ask for any additional information you need.

(Nick) #2

I managed to solver it myself.

Our colleague implemented a plugin called Health Color Metric which seems to replace kibanas original Metric graph.
Some metric objects exploded becouse they were using the old "metrc" as the error says.I had to change each of them and delete some old ones and that fixed the problem --for now.

(Tim Sullivan) #3

Seems like an interesting plugin, but it should probably not replace the original metric visualization.

(system) #4