Kibana vs. Elasticsearch Aggregation Power


I just have a theoretical question.
Can the Kibana GUI model any aggregation that I could build with elasticsearch?

Many Thanks in advance!



16 days have been past since I post this question. So I want to give it a second chance.
Has anyone a idea about the Kibana Query Builder "power" ?

Greets Daniel

There are a few types of aggregations that Kibana doesn't support building through it's UI. Elasticsearch aggregation types fall into:

  • Metric aggregation
  • Bucket aggregation
  • PIpeline aggregation

Right now, Kibana doesn't support creating pipeline aggregations, but there's support for a majority of the Metric and Bucket type aggregations in Kibana.

Different visualization types support different types of aggregations. You just have to explore the UI and different visualization types to see what you can do :slight_smile: