Alternative Tool to Kibana


Im working on a new project displaying different KPIs.
We are using actually Kibana on elastic search to aggregate our data.

Our problem is, Kibana starts requests to elastic search and displays informations.
Kibana is only building one step aggregation pipelines. The result of this one step pipelines is not enough for us. we need to do some more steps with this results.
I would like to have a tool which sends the information, kibana displayed, back to elastic search to use them for other requests.

We are looking for a tool which builds complex queries wich runs periodically in elastic search and the results getting send back to elastic search.

In the end i would like to use a dashboard tool. This dashboard tool call the different results, the needed tool sends back to elastic search, to show me different statistics.

The Dashboard Tool and the pipeline aggregation Tool dont have to be the same tool.

Could some one give me a hint?