Kibana vs. Power BI

I have a use-case where end users need to be able to quickly and easily view data stored in a MS SQL database for devices, systems and hardware/software assets they own. This would just be a read-only dashboard where they could explore various attributes about their data. I had been looking at Power BI (Business Intelligence) to accomplish this, but have recently been wondering if this need could be met with Kibana. If so, what is the best way to do this with Kibana and ES? Creating the dashboard would be easy enough, but maybe this is more of an ES question, because I don't know how to have them directly query SQL from Kibana (?). Or maybe this just isn't possible?

If your data is in Elasticsearch and the user wants to query it with SQL today the only place in Kibana you can do that is in Canvas as a custom expression. We are considering ways to expose the SQL dialect to more users in the future but right now that's the only place.

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Thanks for the feedback. On the data side of things, am I correct in saying that I'd have to ingest (essentially duplicate) all the data in my SQL database in order to present it in Kibana? In other words, there's not way to just query the database live without ingesting it? (Hopefully that question makes sense.)

Question does make sense! Yes you'd have to load your data - Kibana is purpose built for working with data that's in Elasticsearch.

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