Kibana webhook for firewall blacklist update

I would like to use Kibana with the webhook feature to call my microservice to update my firewall blacklist.
Unfortunately, I cant find that this feature is free or not, could you please help me?

Third party connections like webhooks require a gold license or above. You'll see connectors in stack management with that license.

Subscription matrix here, as said Webhook connector is a commercial licensed feature, gold and above.

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As already said, the webhook Kibana Action is a paid feature, the only free actions are the Index Action, which will write to an specific index and the Log Action, which will log to the Kibana server Log.

To call your microservice using the free license you can use the Index Action as the action and build some tool that would query that specific index and trigger the webhook, you can also use logstash to do that with the elasticsearch input and the http output.

Hi, thanks. Can you help me with this, please.

@algira37 What help are you looking for.

How to purchase a license?

You could also look at Elastic Cloud that feature will come as part of the subscription.

Otherwise you will need to build your own using some method like @leandrojmp suggested, when you will need to maintain etc... that will be much more complicated than using a license.

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