Kibana Yellow Status due to new encryptedSavedObjects encryptionkey

Hello everyone,

I currently having issues with Kibana where the xpack.encryptedSavedObjects.encryptionKey been changed to a new one. I forgot to backup the old key and now using the new key. After restarting the kibana, some of the kibana plugins degraded or not functional and kibana turns Yellow state.

I looked around for a solution and read this guide by Elastic Secure saved objects | Kibana Guide [7.16] | Elastic

At the end of guide, its written " At some point, you might want to dispose of old encryption keys completely. Make sure there are no saved objects that Kibana encrypted with these encryption keys. You can use the rotate encryption key API to determine which existing saved objects require decryption-only keys and re-encrypt them with the primary key"

Then how can I find which saved objects that tied to old encryptionkey?

Appreciate your assistance guys! Elastic rawks!

Ok issues solved after deleting the error rules in rules & connectors.

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