Kibana.yml is not accepting custom headers

My kibana.yml looks like below:

elasticsearch.customHeaders: { "":"5cf4af56-1769-4fb7-84ef-71cc99eb23" }

elasticsearch.hosts: http://<es_ip>:9200

logging.dest: /var/log/kibana/kibana.log

pid.file: /var/run/ ""

server.port: 5601

In the custom headers, If we provide key with "." in it Kibana will not start up. If we remove the "." from key my_consumerid, kibana is starting up and connecting to ES.
I have a bunch of key value pair with "." in it to provide as custom headers.
I have tried escaping it my_consumer\.id but no luck.
Could someone please help me on this?


Hi @somebody,

Hmm, it seems it's not possible right, would you mind filing an issue here?


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