Kibana yum repo

the repo below will install the latest Kibana version (which now is 5.2.1) - how can i install a specific version (l am looking for Kibana 5.0.0). I am using Yum. Thanks,

name=Kibana repository for 5.x packages

We keep older versions in the same repo, so something like yum install kibana-5.0.0 should work.

To see what particular versions are available in yum repository run the below command.

`yum --showduplicates list kibana | expand`

Available Packages
kibana                                      fedora 
kibana                                     updates

Then you can use the below command to choose the package version and install it.

yum install <package name>-<version info>

For Example :

yum install

If you are facing some error during installation, Recheck the configuration part. Refer the below link.

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