Kibana5 only allows to create historgram based on the date field you chose when the index was created

In Kibana4, you can create histogram based on any date field in an index. But in Kibana5, you can only create histogram based on the date you chose when the index was created.

Is there anyway to workaround on this? I have multiple date fields in the index, and I want to create histogram based on any of the date field in the index.

I think this may be of some help. Please let me know.


You understood my issue correctly and precisely. Now the question is how to create alias index in Kibana5?


Sorry, I just saw you included a link on how to create index alias in elasticsearch, I overlooked it before I sent previous reply. Is there some easier way from Kibana 5 UI to do that? So there is one elasticsearch index, and Kibana could have multiple indices map to that one elasticsearch index?

Creating an alias is the cleaner way to do it, but depending on the structure of your data/cluster, you can accomplish the same with a little hack/shortcut.

If your main index pattern is something like logstash-*, you can create another index pattern that points at the same indexes by doing something like logstash-**.

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