Kibana5 plug-in operation will not work from behind our proxy


I am trying to install x-pack without success:

[pp-1 bin]# ./kibana-plugin install x-pack
Attempting to transfer from x-pack
Attempting to transfer from
Error: Client request error: connect ETIMEDOUT
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Client request error: connect ETIMEDOUT"

I've tried several options - some that work with elasticsearch but no luck. All else appears to work fine going out. I've been searching the site for clues but most seem to be geared towards kibana prior to 5 or are not applicable. Any ideas? Thanks.

(Jon Budzenski) #2

If you're able to do a manual download of you can install from file, Kibana doesn't support configuring an outgoing proxy currently, we have an issue filed here


Hi Jon,
Thank you for your help. That was the solution. Hope Kibana gets that one taken care of.

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