Kibana's opensoc interface


Hi folks,
We are all beginners abour kibana and elasticsearch.
Would you please tell us about kibana's opensoc interface?

We did installed fluentd, kafka, elasticsearch and will install storm and kibana for presentation of Linux syslogs.
We can build kibana only for syslog viewing may be,
but our customer strongly required "opensoc interface" to view logs.

We have no idea abount kibana's opensoc API?
We don't know how to communicate kibana and opensoc.
Please help and tell us some advice.

Best Regards,

(Mark Walkom) #2

Kibana has no API like this.


Hi Mark,
Thank you for your reply,
We understood that any logs can not show by opensoc via kibana, but can show by opensoc via elasticsearch?


(Mark Walkom) #4

What is opensoc?

(system) #5