Kibnana 4: Multiple Counts by Row

Hello, I am trying to build a table visual which breaks down the total count by terms in one row.

For example, I have a record for myself (User) and I have two types of ratings, Good and Bad. If I want a count by User and a then one column is the total number of Good reviews and another column is the total number of Bad reviews, can I do that?

I do not want to split the rows or the tables.

Thank you!

What if you split by column then?

Unfortunately I don't see that option. Only split by row or table exist.

I am certain I saw split by column the other day, but I can't see it now sorry :frowning:
I'll keep an eye out though.

EDIT - Ok I found it.
If you split by table you can then split by column, not sure if that will do what you want though!