Knapsack plugin install -- and all other plugins

(Michael Li Zhou) #1

When I am installing knapsack can I just install the plugin into 1 node, the load balancer node. Or do I have to install it to all nodes in order to use the feature.


(Jörg Prante) #2

For knapsack export/import, one client node is enough, and then send the request to this node. You can even start a new node with and node.master:false, and after the job is done, the node can be stopped and removed.

(Michael Li Zhou) #3

I am reading the documentation why is it recommended to stop and remove the node containing knapsack once finished? My use case would be that I am going to be shipping this elk stack and need to retrieve data from a client. So they need a convenient way to send me their data.

(Jörg Prante) #4

Then just let knapsack run all the time, and forget about the note.

Other people might be worried about installing, maintaining, and running a community plugin all the time, they can easily remove it by running a tiny separate node on demand.

(Michael Li Zhou) #5

This is probably another issue but when I run the install command I run into this issue:

./bin/plugin --install -u
    -u, --url     [plugin location]   : Set exact URL to download the plugin from
    -i, --install [plugin name]       : Downloads and installs listed plugins [*]
    -t, --timeout [duration]          : Timeout setting: 30s, 1m, 1h... (infinite by default)
    -r, --remove  [plugin name]       : Removes listed plugins
    -l, --list                        : List installed plugins
    -v, --verbose                     : Prints verbose messages
    -s, --silent                      : Run in silent mode
    -h, --help                        : Prints this help message

 [*] Plugin name could be:
     elasticsearch/plugin/version for official elasticsearch plugins (download from
     groupId/artifactId/version   for community plugins (download from maven central or oss sonatype)
     username/repository          for site plugins (download from github master)

   Command [] unknown.

(Jörg Prante) #6

You want to install a knapsack 2.x plugin into an ES 1.x node?

(Michael Li Zhou) #7

yes its on the latest official release of elastic. But I see the issue now...

(system) #8