KQL : query_string doesn't work

Hi there:
Interestingly, I'm not sure why the below "query_string" doesn't returns any hits but it returns hits on 'Discovery UI's Filters section. Please advise, thanks

"sql_string" - This doesn't return any hits

GET system-metric*/_search
  "query" : {
     "query_string": {
          "query: "type:metricsets AND system.filesystem.used.pct: >0.8"

Discovery UI - Filters section where you can enter KQL - This returned hits

 system.filesystem.used.pct >0.8

KQL only works within Kibana, the query_string query is a different beast. Specifying ranges with the query string query is explained here: Query string query | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic

Hope that helps!


Yay..it's working with ranges. I'm so happy now, thanks for your helps, Alex.

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