Kubernetes API permission error log of Fleet server pod

I'm trying to deploy Fleet server as a deployment on Kubernetes. The server agent enrolls successfully to fleet but the log pod keep flooding with the following error:

E0204 14:39:51.873097       8 leaderelection.go:325] error retrieving resource lock elk-stack/elastic-agent-cluster-leader: leases.coordination.k8s.io "elastic-agent-cluster-leader" is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:elk-stack:default" cannot get resource "leases" in API group "coordination.k8s.io" in the namespace "elk-stack"

From my understanding, I only need leader election if I deploy Elastic Agent as a daemonset to collect cluster-wide metrics. But here I'm trying to deploy a fleet server instead.
How to disable leader election in fleet server or to get rid of the error log?

Hi, We are having the exact same issue. Dont suppose you know / remember if and how this was resolved? Thanks!