Lab 5.1 Services Layer from Certified Observability


I am doing Lab 5.1 and after setting up the apm-server, in step 8, I am not getting the same results what is mentioned in the Lab instructions.

I have checked my settings numerous times. I also have the daemons running for elasticsearch (heartbeat), petclinic-client (metricbeat), mysql (metricbeat) and main image (filebeat) with the modifications from Lab 4.4.

I was wondering if there is a way I could check if the data is being sent to the destination? I have done the curl -v http://apm-server:8200 and I do get a 200. What else I can do to debug?

Because I have not completed this, all the subsequent labs cannot be completed.

Hi @lielar ,

you can check whether all Docker containers are running with the following command: docker ps -a. If address-finder or server-loadgen are not running you can restart them as follows:

$ docker restart address-finder
$ docker restart server-loadgen


Andre's suggestion will certainly get some more data flowing, particularly starting the server-loadgen container. Judging by the screenshot, that's the primary issue. 1 request per minute does seem very low.

Thanks - that worked.

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